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Happy Thanksgiving October 7, 2012

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In Sheep We Trust.

Cute little buddy now she is 1 yr old and full of Life
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Knitting


The Knit & Stitch Shoppe hours October 5, 2012

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Hi there and Welcome to my blog…….

I’m just new at this , but it’s fun so far. Here is our Shoppe address and Hours of Knitting Bliss…..

Monday to Saturday. 10:00 am. To 5:30 ish

Sunday and Holidays. 12:00 pm to 5:00

The Knit & Stitch Shoppe
2460 Marine Drive
” In Beautiful Dundarave ”

Thanks again and I will be uploading pictures later



Great Warm Cowls in Thick Wool September 9, 2012

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This cowl takes 2.5 balls of Big Softie.
Or 1 skein of Magnum
15 mm needles

Cast on 14 sts
K 1, P 1, across row
P 1 , K 1 across row

Con’t till work measures 52 Inches
Now you need to cast off the sts on the needle with the cast on sts at the beginning .
So you knit the sts together and cast off your sts @ the same time


Tanta Ingy’s cardigans August 8, 2012

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It’s more fun to knit 2 sweaters for brothers. I ‘m glad that I have them to knit for…more pictures to follow…but I have to knit them first.


Men love to knit July 26, 2012

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Boredom never happen in the old days… Everybody knitted. Like it should be…

Happy knitting. ( or dreaming about it )


Michaels Phildar Folk Sweater July 24, 2012

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If you would of asked me 20 years ago…to knit a sweater for a man 42 on 3.25 needles and 4 ply Sock Wool…..
I would of said. ” you crazy “. But now …I love little needles and sock wool. Michael is a bit of a knitting Monster. Everything I knit he wants….so I’m knitting him a raglan pullover on circular needles. The sleeves are knit both at the same time on 1 100 cm circular needle…
It’s the best way to knit sleeves. No Sewing. Anyhow this is how far I’ve come …the body till the underarm. And the start of my sleeves. But I gotta go and knit now …otherwise no Sweater. Talk to you soon





So here are the sleeves. Since I’ve taken that picture if knit another 2 inches. So they are almost. Done. Yeah.


Pom poms July 13, 2012

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This is the easiest way to make a cute little Pom Pom
Let’s make a whole Pile of them and put them in a Glass bowl for a Cool Center piece


Knitting the Old Fashion Way July 5, 2012

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Slouchy hat June 20, 2012

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This is a cute new design,For the cold winter ahead


Cool knitting June 14, 2012

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