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Cute little Tunic Knit upside down May 13, 2013

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You can knit this Tunic is any yarn you want to..It is knitted from the top to the bottom, the only way to knit


Knitting rocks February 19, 2013

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This is the airplane cape. You should knit it.
13 balls of Sirdar Big Softie. You will love knitting it and wearing it!!!!!!!!!


Knitting Rocks January 23, 2013

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This is a great cowl and its easy to knit. It comes in a whole pile of colors it Takes 3 Balls and 9 mm circular needle. And 6 hrs of time
You really need one in ever color




Rex’s HandWarmer January 20, 2013

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If you want the pattern. I will email it to you
Your Knitting Pal Ingy


Easy slouchy knit hat December 10, 2012

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Easy slouchy Hat Pattern
2 Balls Big Softie
10mm &6 mm needle
With 10 mm Cast On 43 sts
K1 p1 acoss row
*****always leave your yarn forward before you knit 2together******

Row 1: P1 k1,* with yarn forward slip the purl st, K1.*p1.

2. P1* k 2tog yfwd slip 1 purlwise * p1.

3. k1* yfwd slip the purl and knit 2 tog * k 1

Cont with rows 2 & 3 till 6 inches
change to rib k1 p1 for 2 rows
Now decrease for crown
*K1 ,K2 tog* across the row
Purl back all the st
*K1,k 2 tog across the row
Purl back all the sts
Cont till 8 sts remain
Use a bodkin and secure up all the sts

The brim. Note that every first stitch of every row needs to be slipped for a nice edge
Start in the middle of the Hat Pick up 10 sts turn work
Slip first st then purl back
At the end of the row pick up 2 sts
Knit till the end and pick up 2 sts again
Cont till 20 sts
Change to 6 mm and Garter st and cont picking up 1 st on either side till 24 sts then cast off rather firmly
Sew up the back seam and put all your ends in
Now put it On and start your next new one



Advent calendar Baby Mittens December 5, 2012

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So if we all start now and each do one. We could have the whole thing done by Monday. That would be great….


We are having a knitting Party on December 19 4pm till 10 pm.
So come with your knitting and your Spirit. So bring a appetizer And let’s Celebrate together

So we will see you there… Happy knitting


Ben’s Hat and Handwarmers December 1, 2012

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This is Ben. He loves Auntie Ingy’s. Knitwear. He can still suck his thumb