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Before Annie goes to bed August 15, 2013

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Cute little Tunic Knit upside down May 13, 2013

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You can knit this Tunic is any yarn you want to..It is knitted from the top to the bottom, the only way to knit


Crazy Blanket April 24, 2013

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20130424-083045.jpg This is a fun Blanket to knit. All in one piece , but yet in squares. You gotta try it. You will love it… No sewing involved Come and see me in the store and I get you started. You can buy 1 ball at a time if you like


Matthew’s Moose Pullover March 3, 2013

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Lucky boy. He will never be cold with this sweater on


Buddy’s new hat December 17, 2012

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Christmas Knitting

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Try to find 10 knitting needles


Hand Warmers in silk and merino November 10, 2012

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Here what I’m knitting
It’s silk and Merino. So nice to knit with that your finished before you know it
I want to knit this pair before I go to the Store tomorrow Cause it so coooooool outside.
1 ball knits the pair.